Washing programmes*
*depends on the model
Q Shirts/Business
Non-iron shirts made of cotton, linen, synthetic fibres or blended fabrics.
Gentle spin only, hang up dripping wet.
J Night wash
Particularly quiet wash programme with a reduced final spin.
Sleep mode. Once the programme has finished, the display goes out, but
can be reactivated by pressing any button.
Drying programmes
ˆ Intensive Dry
Intensive drying for a (robust fabrics), at 90°C.
Low Heat Dry
Gentle drying for ` (easy-care fabrics), 60°C.
Special programmes
7 Fluff Clean
The drum must be empty.
This programme is designed to clean the drying cycle of any fluff
deposits. The washer-dryer uses the flashing symbol 7 (Fluff removal
cycle) in the display panel to show that this programme must be run. The
electronic cycle counter is then automatically reset. The 7 (Fluff removal
cycle) symbol goes out after the programme starts.
To run the Fluff removal cycle, proceed as follows:
Make sure that the drum is completely empty and close the door.
Set the programme selector to 7 (Fluff-removal cycle).
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
The 7 (Fluff-removal cycle) programme can also be run at any time
without prompting by the appliance.
Rinse ' + Spin 0:
An additional rinse cycle with a final spin. If the laundry is to be removed
dripping wet, set the Spin speed to $ (Rinse hold) before Programme
start –> page15.
Empty + + Spin 0:
Drain the rinsing water following a programme with
$ (Rinse hold) –> page15.
Turn the programme selector to Empty + + Spin 0.
Set the Spin speed to $ (Rinse hold).
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
Drain and spin at the desired spin speed:
Turn the programme selector to Empty + + Spin 0.
Press the 0 Spin button repeatedly until the desired spin speed is set.
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
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