Programme selector
The programme selector is used to set the washing and drying
The time remaining until the end of the programme and the recommended
load are shown on the display panel.
Washing programmes*
*depends on the model
Cottons F (Cottons)
Suitable for hard-wearing fabrics, heat-resistant fabrics made from cotton
or linen.
Coloureds up to 60 °C.
Whites 60 °C to 90 °C.
Cottons Eco y
Washing programme for the best possible washing result with minimum
energy and water consumption.
Easy Care =
Washing programme for less hard-wearing fabrics made from cotton,
linen, synthetic fibres or blended fabrics. It is advisable to sort the laundry
by colour.
Delicate/Silk 8
Gentle programme for delicate, washable fabrics, e.g. silk, satin,
synthetics or blended fabrics (e.g. curtains). Gentle spinning between the
rinse cycles and reduced final spin speed.
: Wool p (Woollens)
Wool becomes matted when subjected to heat, moisture and movement.
The woollens programme takes these qualities into account and finds a
compromise between standing still and movement.
Suitable for hand or machine-washable fabrics made from wool or a wool
Super 15’ (Rapid 15)
Short programme for easy-care, lightly soiled fabrics made from cotton,
linen, synthetics or blends. Suitable for freshening up items or for washing
new items before wearing for the first time. The programme takes
15 minutes.
= ; : Mix
For mixed items of laundry made of various hard-wearing and easy-care
H Outdoor
For washing functional clothing and sports wear made from microfibre
and synthetics. Reduced creasing and additional rinse cycle.
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