Detergents and Care Products
Detergent drawer
The detergent drawer is divided into three compartments
Compartment I : detergent for Pre-wash
Compartment II : detergent for Hauptwäsche (Main wash)
Compartment i : Liquid additives, such as starch or fabric softener.
Additives are automatically dispensed during the final rinse cycle.
Do not exceed the maximum capacity, otherwise compartment i may
be emptied too early.
Dilute viscous additives with water to prevent blockages.
Liquid detergent insert: this must be inserted before liquid detergents
are used.
To do this:
Pull out the detergent drawer as far as the stop.
Press on the zone labelled PUSH and take out the detergent drawer.
Pull the insert in compartment II forwards as far as the stop and push
it down.
Insert the detergent drawer.
Descaler can be added to compartments I and II according to the
manufacturer's instructions. Add detergent first, followed by the descaler.
Detergents and
care products
Risk of poisoning
Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children.
Risk of chemical burns
Take care when opening the detergent drawer. There may still be
detergent residues in the drawer.
Select the correct dosage for the detergent according to:
the water hardness. You can find out about water hardness in your area
from your local waterworks.
the load size,
the instructions of the detergent manufacturer.
how dirty the laundry is.
Using the correct dosage reduces the impact on the environment and
gives a good washing result.
Only use pH-neutral wool detergent for woollens programmes.
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