Preparing laundry for
Only dry fabrics that have already been washed, rinsed and spun.
Also spin easy-care fabrics before drying.
Sort the items for washing according to material and desired level of
dryness to ensure even drying.
Loading the
Before loading the washer-dryer, make sure that there are no foreign
bodies or pets in the drum.
Risk of explosion. items that have been treated with cleaning agents
containing solvents, e.g. stain remover or, must be carefully rinsed out
before they are loaded into the washer-dryer, otherwise there is the risk
of an explosion.
Unfold the laundry and place it loosely in the drum. Load a mixture of
small and large items.
Observe the maximum load,
Programme table –> page30.
Take care not to trap items of laundry between the door and the rubber
Close the door. You will hear it click shut.
Measure out and add detergent and care products for just a washing
programme or a combined washing and drying programme.
Turn on the tap.
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