en-us Installation and connection
Your dishwasher has been checked
thoroughly in the factory to ensure that it is in working
order. This may cause small water stains. These will
disappear after the first wash cycle.
Technical specifications
up to 132 lbs (60 kg)
120 V, 60 Hz
Connected load:
1,300 W.
Circuit breaker:
12 A
Power input:
off mode (Po)* 0.50 W.
left on mode (Pl)* 50 W.
*according to regulations (EU) nos. 1016/2010 and
Additional functions and settings may increase the
power input.
Water pressure:
at least 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar), maximum 1 MPa (10 bar).
At a higher water pressure:
connect pressure-reducing valve ahead.
Inlet rate:
minimum 10 litres/minute
Water temperature:
Cold water.
Hot water:
Maximum temperature 140° F (60 °C).
12–15 place settings (depending on the features of
your dishwasher).
The required installation dimensions can be
found in the installation instructions. Level
the appliance with the aid of the height-adjustable feet.
Ensure that the appliance is situated
securely on the floor.
A built-under or integrated appliance which is
installed subsequently as a free-standing appliance
must be secured to prevent it from overturning, e.g.
by screwing it to the wall or by installing it under a
continuous worktop which is screwed to adjacent
The appliance can easily be installed in a fitted
kitchen between wooden and plastic walls.
Drain connection
1. The required work sequence can be
found in the installation instructions. If required, fit
a siphon with a drain connection.
2. Connect the drain hose to the drain
connection of the siphon with the enclosed parts.
Ensure that the drain hose is not kinked, crushed
or twisted and that there is no cover
plate in the drainage to prevent the drain water from
flowing out!
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