en-us Statement of Limited Product Warranty
Repair/Replace as Your Exclusive
During this warranty period, Gaggenau or one of its
authorized service providers will repair your Product
without charge to you (subject to certain limitations
stated herein) if your Product proves to have been
manufactured with a defect in materials or workmanship.
If a reasonable number attempts to repair the Product
have been made without success, then Gaggenau will
replace your Product (upgraded models may be
available to you, in Gaggenau’s sole discretion, for an
additional charge). All removed parts and components
shall become the property of Gaggenau at its sole
option. All replaced and/or repaired parts shall assume
the identity of the original part for purposes of this
warranty and this warranty shall not be extended with
respect to such parts. Gaggenau’s sole liability and
responsibility hereunder is to repair manufacturer-
defective Product only, using a Gaggenau-authorized
service provider during normal business hours. For
safety and property damage concerns, Gaggenau highly
recommends that you do not attempt to repair the
Product yourself, or use an unauthorized servicer;
Gaggenau will have no responsibility or liability for
repairs or work performed by a non-authorized servicer.
If you choose to have someone other than an authorized
service provider work on your Product, THIS WARRANTY
Authorized service providers are those persons or
companies that have been specially trained on
Gaggenau products, and who possess, in Gaggenau’s
opinion, a superior reputation for customer service and
technical ability (note that they are independent entities
and are not agents, partners, affiliates or
representatives of Gaggenau). Notwithstanding the
foregoing, Gaggenau will not incur any liability, or have
responsibility, for the Product if it is located in a remote
area (more than 100 miles from an authorized service
provider) or is reasonably inaccessible, hazardous,
threatening, or treacherous locale, surroundings, or
environment; in any such event, if you request,
Gaggenau would still pay for labor and parts and ship
the parts to the nearest authorized service provider, but
you would still be fully liable and responsible for any
travel time or other special charges by the service
company, assuming they agree to make the service call.
Out of Warranty Product
Gaggenau is under no obligation, at law or otherwise, to
provide you with any concessions, including repairs,
pro-rates, or Product replacement, once this warranty
has expired.
Warranty Exclusions
The warranty coverage described herein excludes all
defects or damage that are not the direct fault of
Gaggenau, including without limitation, one or more of
the following:
Use of the Product in anything other than its normal,
customary and intended manner (including without
limitation, any form of commercial use, use or
storage of an indoor product outdoors, use of the
Product in conjunction with air or water-going
Any party’s willful misconduct, negligence, misuse,
abuse, accidents, neglect, improper operation,
failure to maintain, improper or negligent installation,
tampering, failure to follow operating instructions,
mishandling, unauthorized service (including self-
performed “fixing” or exploration of the appliance’s
internal workings);
Adjustment, alteration or modification of any kind;
A failure to comply with any applicable state, local,
city, or county electrical, plumbing and/or building
codes, regulations, or laws, including failure to
install the product in strict conformity with local fire
and building codes and regulations;
Ordinary wear and tear, spills of food, liquid, grease
accumulations, or other substances that accumulate
on, in, or around the Product;
Any external, elemental and/or environmental forces
and factors, including without limitation, rain, wind,
sand, floods, fires, mud slides, freezing
temperatures, excessive moisture or extended
exposure to humidity, lightning, power surges,
structural failures surrounding the appliance, and
acts of God.
In no event shall Gaggenau have any liability or
responsibility whatsoever for damage to surrounding
property, including cabinetry, floors, ceilings, and other
structures or objects around the Product. Also excluded
from this warranty are Products on which the serial
numbers have been altered, defaced, or removed;
service visits to teach you how to use the Product, or
visits where there is nothing wrong with the Product;
correction of installation problems (you are solely
responsible for any structure and setting for the
Product, including all electrical, plumbing or other
connecting facilities, for proper foundation/flooring,
and for any alterations including without limitation
cabinetry, walls, floors, shelving, etc.); and resetting of
breakers or fuses.
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