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Customer Service
Customer Service
Your dishwasher requires no special care other than
that described in the Care and Maintenance section of
this manual. If you are having a problem with your
dishwasher, before calling for service please refer to the
Troubleshooting Guide section of the manual. If service
is necessary, contact your dealer or installer or an
authorized service center. Do not attempt to repair the
appliance yourself. Any work performed by unauthorized
personnel may void the warranty.
If you are having a problem with your dishwasher and
are not pleased with the service you have received,
please take the following steps until the problem is
corrected to your satisfaction:
1. Contact your installer or the Gaggenau® authorized
service provider in your area.
2. E-mail us from the customer service section of our
website, www.gaggenau-usa.com
3. Call us at 877-442-4436
4. Write us:
1901 Main Street, Suite 600
Irvine, CA 92614
Please be sure to include your model information as
well as an explanation of the problem and the date it
started. You will find the model and serial number
information on the label located on the edge of the
dishwasher door. Please make a copy of your invoice
and keep it with this manual. The customer may be
required to show proof of purchase to validate warranty
Statement of Limited Product Warranty
Statement of Limited Product Warranty
What this Warranty Covers & Who it
Applies to:
The limited warranty provided by BSH Home Appliances
(Gaggenau®) in this Statement of Limited Product
Warranty applies only to the Gaggenau appliance
(“Product”) sold to you, the first using purchaser,
provided that the Product was purchased:
for your normal, household (non-commercial) use,
and has in fact at all times only been used for normal
household purposes;
new at retail (not a display, “as is”, or previously
returned model), and not for resale, or commercial
use; and
within the United States or Canada, and has at all
times remained within the country of original
purchase. The warranties stated herein apply only to
the first purchaser of the Product and are not
Gaggenau reserves the right to request proof of
purchase at the time any warranty claim is submitted to
confirm that the Product falls within the scope of this
limited product warranty.
Please make sure to return your registration card; while
not necessary to effectuate warranty coverage, it is the
best way for Gaggenau to notify you in the unlikely event
of a safety notice or product recall.
How Long the Warranty Lasts
Gaggenau warrants that the Product is free from
defects in materials and workmanship for a period of
seven hundred thirty (730) days (2 years) from the date
of purchase. The foregoing timeline begins to run upon
the date of purchase, and shall not be stalled, tolled,
extended, or suspended, for any reason whatsoever.
This Product is also warranted to be free from cosmetic
defects in material and workmanship (such as scratches
of stainless steel, paint/porcelain blemishes, chip,
dents, or other damage to the finish of the Product), for
a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase or
closing date for new construction. This cosmetic
warranty excludes slight color variations due to inherent
differences in painted and porcelain parts, as well as
differences caused by kitchen lighting, product location,
or other similar factors. This cosmetic warranty
specifically excludes any display, floor, “As Is”, or “B”
stock appliances.
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