en-us Troubleshooting
Appliance stops in the wash
cycle or wash cycle is
Door not closed properly. Close the door.
Do not place dishes or fragrance
dispenser in the detergent tab tray.
Upper rack presses against the door
and prevents door from being closed
Check whether rear panel is being pressed
in, e.g. by socket or by hose holder which
has not been removed.
Power and/or water supply
Restore power and/or water supply.
Filling valves making striking
Depends on domestic installation, as
appliance is not defective. No effect
on appliance function.
No remedial action possible.
Knocking or rattling noise. Spray arm strikes the dishes, dishes
not positioned correctly.
Position dishes so that the spray arms do
not strike the dishes.
If there is a low load, the water jets
strike the washing tank directly.
Load the appliance with more dishes or
distribute the dishes more evenly in the
Light dishes move during the wash
Arrange light dishes securely.
Unusual foam formation. Handwash liquid in the rinse aid
Immediately refill rinse aid dispenser with
rinse aid.
Rinse aid spilled. Remove rinse aid with a cloth.
Fault Cause Remedial action
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