Troubleshooting en-us
Appliance does not start. Mains fuse may have been blown or
circuit breaker tripped.
Check mains fuse or circuit breaker.
Door may not be properly latched. Press the main power switch to turn unit on.
Unit may not be turned on. Shut door completely.
Delay start may be engaged. To reset, refer to “Delay start” section in this
Child lock is activated. Deactivate the child lock. Refer to “Child
Lock” section in this manual if applicable.
The door may have been closed
without first selecting a cycle.
Select a cycle and close the door.
Power cord not inserted. Ensure that the power cord is plugged all
the way into the back of the appliance and
into the socket. Check that the socket
The water supply may not be
Check and turn on water supply.
The appliance door has not been shut
Close the door.
The door has been open for more
than 4 seconds after pressing the
START button.
Press the START button again and close the
appliance door within 4 seconds (see
“Protection against unintentional
Wash cycle starts automatically. You did not wait until wash cycle
Perform reset.
(see “Canceling the wash cycle“).
Door does not open. Door is not set correctly. Set the door correctly with the aid of the
installation instructions.
Child lock is activated. Press twice in quick succession at the top
of the door in the middle.
Appliance is disconnected from the
Check mains plug and fuses.
Attach supplied emergency release to upper
right and left of the furniture panel and open
the door by gently pulling the emergency
Door and door seal dirty. Clean door and door seal with a damp cloth
and a little washing-up liquid.
Automatic door opening system not in
home position.
After closing the door, wait one second until
it can be opened again.
Door does not close. Automatic door opening system not in
home position.
After opening the door, wait one second
until it can be closed again.
Cover on the detergent
dispenser cannot be closed.
Detergent dispenser or cover guide
blocked by sticky detergent residue.
Remove detergent residue.
Detergent residue in the
detergent dispenser 9* or in
the detergent tab tray 1B.
Spray arms blocked by dishes,
therefore detergent is not rinsed out.
Ensure that the spray arms can rotate freely.
The detergent dispenser was damp
when filled.
Pour detergent into the dry detergent
dispenser only.
Fault Cause Remedial action
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