Troubleshooting en-us
Water is left in the appliance at
the end of the wash cycle.
Filter system or area under the filters
1Z is blocked.
Clean filters and area underneath.
Wash cycle has not ended yet. Wait until wash cycle ends or reset.
Dishes not dry. No or too little rinse aid in the
Refill rinse aid.
Wash cycle selected without drying. Select wash cycle with drying.
Water collecting in depressions on
the dishes and silverware.
Arrange dishes in a sloping position,
arrange affected dishes as sloping as
The combined detergent used has a
poor drying performance
Use different combination detergent with
better drying performance. Use of rinse aid
also increases the drying performance.
extraDry to increase drying not
Activate extraDry.
Dishes were removed too early or
drying process had not ended yet.
Wait until wash cycle ends or wait until 30
min after wash cycle ends before removing
The eco rinse aid used has a limited
drying performance.
Use a proprietary rinse aid. Eco products
may have limited effectiveness.
Plastic dishes not dry. Special properties of plastic. Plastic has a lower heat storage capacity
and therefore dries less well.
Silverware not dry. Silverware not arranged properly in
the silverware basket.
Separate silverware if possible, prevent
contact points.
Silverware not arranged properly in
the third rack.
Arrange silverware properly and separate if
Appliance interior wet after rinse
No appliance fault. On account of the “Condensation drying”
principle, water droplets are physically
induced and required in the container. The
humidity in the air condenses on the inner
walls of the dishwasher, drains and is
pumped out.
Fault Cause Remedial action
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