en-us Troubleshooting
Fault table
Fault Cause Remedial action
Error code :‚‰ is lit. Supply hose kinked. Install supply hose without kinks.
Tap turned off. Turn on the tap.
Tap jammed or calcified. Turn on the tap.
Flow rate must be min. 10 l/min. when water
supply is open.
Filter in the water supply blocked. Switch off the appliance and pull out the
mains plug. Turn off the tap. Unscrew water
Clean filter in the supply hose. Screw water
connection on again. Check for leaks.
Reconnect power supply. Switch on the
Error code :‹ˆ is lit. Intake opening (on right inside of
appliance) covered by dishes.
Arrange dishes so that the intake opening is
not obstructed.
Error code :‚ƒ is lit. Heating element calcified or soiled. Clean appliance with dishwasher cleaning
agent or descaler. Operate the dishwasher
with water softening system and check the
Error code :ƒƒ is lit. Filters 1Z are soiled or blocked. Clean filters.
Error code :ƒ… is lit. Waste-water hose kinked or blocked. Install hose without kinks, remove any
Siphon connection still sealed. Check connection to siphon and open if
Cover on the drain pump loose. Lock cover correctly.
Error code :Ġ is lit. Drain pump blocked or cover on the
drain pump is not locked in position.
Clean pump and lock cover correctly.
Error code :ƒˆ is lit. Mains voltage too low. Not an appliance fault, have the mains
voltage and electrical installation checked.
A different error code is
indicated on the digital display.
(:‹‚ to :„‹)
A technical fault has probably
Switch off appliances with the ON/OFF
switch (. After a short time restart the
If the problem recurs, turn off the tap and
pull out the mains plug.
Call customer service and mention the error
Refill indicator for salt P and/
or rinse-aid H is lit.
No rinse aid. Refill rinse aid.
No salt. Refill with special salt.
Sensor does not detect salt tablets. Use different special salt.
Refill indicator for salt P and/
or rinse-aid H is not lit.
Refill indicator switched off. Activation/deactivation ~ "
Rinse Aid", ~ "
Water softening system / special salt"
There is still enough special salt/
rinse aid available.
Check refill indicator, levels.
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