en-us Care and Maintenance
Drain pump
Large food remnants in the rinsing water not retained by
the filters may block the waste water pump. In this case:
Use caution when removing parts for cleaning as
some debris may be sharp.
1. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
2. Take out upper rack 12 and lower rack 1j.
3. Remove the filters 1Z.
4. Scoop out standing water - use a sponge if
5. Using a spoon, pry off the pump cover (as shown)
until it clicks, then grip the cover and pull upward
until it resists and then pull forward (1). Remove
cover completely.
6. Check inner compartment and remove any foreign
Use caution when removing parts for cleaning as
some debris may be sharp.
7. Place pump cover in the original position (2) and
press down until it engages (3).
8. Place cover in the original position, press down and
9. Reinstall filters.
10. Re-insert racks.
Note: The drain pump will not work properly if the drain
pump cover is not snapped in completely until it clicks.
Preparing your unit for vacation
NOTICE: Before leaving for vacation during warmer
weather, besides turning off the main valve, also turn off
water supply at the nearest point to the dishwasher. Do
not leave soiled dishware in unit and leave door slightly
open. During colder weather, please follow the
instructions for winterizing your unit below.
Winterizing your unit
NOTICE: If your dishwasher will be unused for a
period of time in a location that experiences freezing
temperatures (holiday home or through a vacation
period), have your dishwasher winterized by a
professional service.
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