Care and Maintenance en-us
To check or clean the filter system:
1. After each wash cycle check the filters for residue.
2. Unscrew the Large Object Trap as illustrated and
remove the entire filter system.
3. Remove any residue and clean filters by rinsing
under running water.
Note:do not use abrasive brushes or steel wool, etc.,
as they may damage the filter.
4. Reinstall the filter system in reverse sequence and
lock into place by screwing the Large Object Trap
until the marking arrows align.
Spray arms
Limescale and contaminants in the rinsing water may
block nozzles and bearings on the spray arms 1:
and 1J.
1. Check outlet nozzles on the spray arms
for blockages.
2. Unscrew the upper spray arm 1: (1) and remove
downwards (2).
3. Remove the lower spray arm 1J upwards.
4. Clean spray arms under running water.
5. Re-engage or screw on spray arms.
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