en-us Care and Maintenance
Special salt and rinse aid
Top off the salt and/or rinse aid as soon as the refill
indicators on the fascia P and H are lit.
Filter components
The filter system 1Z consists of three parts.
Cleaning intervals
The filter system 1Z is designed to minimize
maintenance while providing premium cleaning
performance and minimum energy consumption.
Depending on use habits and water hardness, the filter
system will require some maintenance to sustain
premium cleaning performance.
Your filter system may need to be cleaned when:
You notice food soils remaining on the filter system
or objects trapped in the Large Object Trap.
A drop in cleaning performance or a gritty film forms
on the dishware.
When washing normally attached food soils that have
been scraped before loading, in a household that runs
the dishwasher every other day, your filter should be
Note: Clean the filter after washing loads with large
amounts of food soils or loads with a heavy starch
content to maintain optimal performance.
A Large Object Trap
Prevents objects that should not be placed in
your dishwasher from damaging the
dishwasher pump system or clogging your
household drain.
B Flat Fine Filter
Prevents food particles from entering the
wash chamber and directs particles toward
the micro filter.
C Micro Filter
Directs the smallest of particles to the
household plumbing drain.
Cleaning interval Use this setting,
3 times a year if you rinse before loading
4 times a year if you only scrape before loading
6 times a year if you do not rinse or scrape
before loading
12 times a year if you have hard water
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