Operating the Dishwasher en-us
Infolight *
While the wash cycle is running, a light spot shines
on the floor under the appliance door. Do not open the
appliance door until the light point is no longer visible
on the floor. If the appliance door is not completely
closed, the light spot flashes *. If the appliance
is installed at eye-level, with flush furniture front,
the light point is not visible. You can switch the Infolight
on or off.
In darkened rooms, some light scattering may be visible.
This is normal and cannot be changed.
* optional feature which may or may not be included with
your dishwasher.
Changing start wash cycle
You can change the “Start wash cycle” setting.
Tone volume
The end of the wash cycle is indicated by a buzzer. You
can also change this setting.
Button volume
When you are operating the dishwasher, a signal
sounds whenever a button is pressed. You can control
the volume of the signal. If you do not like the button
volume, you can switch it off.
Child-proof lock *
Child-proof lock
The dishwasher features an electronic child-proof lock.
The child-proof lock protects children from potential
hazards which the dishwasher poses.
You can switch the child-proof lock on or off. When the
child-proof lock is on, it is difficult to open the door.
* optional feature which may or may not be included with
your dishwasher.
When you switch on the dishwasher, the brand logo
appears. You can switch off the brand logo.
Factory setting
You can reset all settings to the factory setting.
Switching the appliance on
1. Turn the water supply on fully.
2. Open the door.
3. Switch on On/Off switch (.
The AUTO 130 - 150° F wash cycle has been preset
as a default whenever the appliance starts. This wash
cycle remains selected if no other wash cycle button
0 is pressed.
4. Press Start button )".
5. Close the door.
Wash cycle sequence starts.
Note: Your dishwasher is protected against
unintentional operation. If the appliance door remains
open for more than 4 seconds after pressing the Start
button, the operation will be paused. Press the Start
button again and close the appliance door.
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