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Operating the Dishwasher
Operating the Dishwasher
Note: With hidden controls, the door must be opened
before changing settings and closed after changing
Risk of injury!
To avoid risk of injury, always use caution when
opening the door during or following a wash cycle
as hot water or steam may escape. Do not fully
open the door until water noises have stopped
and steam has subsided.
Protection against unintentional
Your dishwasher is equipped with a function that helps
to prevent unintentional operation (e.g. by children).
After setting the dishwasher, the dishwasher door has to
be closed within 4 seconds, otherwise the operation will
be paused. There will be a signal on the control panel
advising you to press the Start button again and close
the door.
This function will be activated when:
pressing Start to begin a wash cycle
setting Delay time and pressing Start
opening the door while Delay time is active
opening the door during a wash cycle.
Note: This function cannot be deactivated.
Operating the touch buttons
Buttons are sensitive and should be touched gently.
Avoid any grease or food particles resting on the
buttons as they could activate the dishwasher.
Wiping and cleaning can also activate the dishwasher.
For best results, use bare, clean hands when touching
the buttons.
To clean the touch buttons wipe them with a dry or
slightly damp cloth.
Opening the door
To open the door, press the upper middle part of the
door. The appliance opens automatically.
If you have activated the child-proof lock, press twice in
quick succession at the upper middle part of the door.
Changing the settings
The dishwasher has been preset with certain settings
for your convenience. You can change these factory
Change the setting as follows:
1. Open the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF button (.
3. Press Info button ( 8 for 3 seconds until the
following text is indicated in the digital display @:
Scroll with < >
Set with - +
Leave with t 3 sec.
4. Keep pressing button >)* until the required setting
is indicated in the digital display @.
5. Make the selection with setting buttons + -X.
6. Press and hold the Info button (8 for 3 seconds.
The chosen setting has now been stored.
Tip: If you change several settings, first make all
changes in succession. Now press the Info button ( 8
for 3 seconds. This saves all set values in the appliance.
AquaSensor *
* optional feature which may or may not be included with
your dishwasher
The AquaSensor is an optical measuring device which
measures the cleanliness of the rinse water.
The AquaSensor is used according to the wash cycle. If
the AquaSensor is active, “clean” rinse water can be
transferred to the next rinse and water consumption can
be reduced by 0.8–1-5 gal (3–6 liters). If the rinse water
is not yet clear, the water is drained and is replaced with
fresh water. In the automatic wash cycles the
temperature and running time can also be adjusted to
the degree of soiling.
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