en-us Dishwasher Cycles
Dishwasher Cycles
Dishwasher Cycles
Note: In order to save energy, it is recommended to set
the Auto Power Off feature to “After one minute”.
Note: The Energy Guide label was based on the Normal or Regular soil sensing cycle as follows: The unit was tested
without any rinse aid (liquid) in the rinse aid dispenser 9". A single dose of detergent was inserted into the
detergent dispenser 9*, with no detergent being used in the prewash. The unit was not subjected to truncated
testing per the definitions in the test procedure. We recommend that dish loads such as the one in the energy
certification test have the rack position set in the highest position.
Wash cycle Recommended use Possible wash cycle option
150 - 160° F
This cycle cleans items having baked-on or hard dried-on
food soils. These items may require soaking or hand
130 - 150° F
This cycle is appropriate for mixed loads.
It is optimised according to the soiling with the aid of
AUTO Delicate
113 - 122° F
This cycle is appropriate for delicate dishwasher items.
It is optimised according to the soiling with the aid of
(see note at bottom of
Recommended for daily, regular or typical use to
completely wash a full load of normally soiled dishes.
Note: In order to obtain
optimal performance with
minimum energy
consumption, it is
recommended to disable all
available options and
settings, except Auto Power
1-Hour Wash Cleans freshly soiled dishes with easy to remove soils.
This cycle reduces cycle time while still including drying.
Extra Dry
Quick Wash
Cleans lightly soiled dishes with easy to remove food
Extra Dry
Glass Care A cycle for lightly soiled dishes which is ideal for
temperature sensitive dishes or silverware. In this cycle
the temperature is reduced to help prevent dishes from
becoming damaged. It is especially helpful to reduce a
cloudy or etched appearance on glasses.
Note: Some glasses are more prone to etching due to the
glass manufacturing process.
Use this cycle if you need to pre-rinse dishes to avoid
odors. Place unrinsed dishes inside the dishwasher and
select the Rinse cycle. Uses less water than hand rinsing
and very low energy.
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