Loading the Dishwasher en-us
Extra tall item sprinkler*
Large trays or grills as well as large plates (gourmet
plates, pasta plates, dinner plates) can be cleaned with
this spray head.
Insert the spray head as follows:
1. Remove upper rack 12.
2. Insert spray head as illustrated and turn to the right.
Spray head is engaged.
Keep the vent hole on the tub’s left side clear by
placing tall items such as plastic cutting boards and
tall baking sheets on the lower rack’s right side or
Ensure that the dishwasher is always operated with
upper rack 12 or extra tall item sprinkler.
To ensure that the spray jet can reach all parts, arrange
the baking sheets as illustrated (max. 2 baking sheets
and 2 grills).
NOTICE: To avoid dishwasher damage, do not reinstall
the upper rack 12 without removing the extra tall item
sprinkler (B).
* optional feature which may or may not be included with
your dishwasher.
Gastronorm insert *
Gastronorm insert
Helps you stack several Gastronorm drawers, trays
or similar large flat utensils at an angle in the lower
You can remove the insert if required.
* optional feature which may or may not be included with
your dishwasher.
Unloading the dishwasher
When unloading the dishwasher, it is recommended to
unload the lower rack first. Next, unload the silverware
basket followed by the upper rack, and then the third
Note: Dishes are more likely to chip when unloading
before cooling.
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