Loading the Dishwasher en-us
Loading the upper rack
Ensure items do not protrude through the bottom of the
racks and block the spray arms.
Note: When pushing the upper rack 12 into the
dishwasher, push it until it stops against the back of the
tub so the upper rack spray arm 1: connects to the
water supply at the back of the tub. Do not push racks in
using the door.
Loading the lower rack
Place large items in the lower rack 1j. Load pots, pans
and bowls upside down. Do not block the vent hole with
tall baking sheets. Load these items on the right side of
the dishwasher.
Recommended loading pattern
Note: Folding the cup shelves down will allow the cups
to sit at an increased angle and reduce water pooling on
cup bottoms.
Lower rack - 12 place setting
Upper rack - 12 place setting
Third rack - 12 place setting
Lower rack - 10 place setting
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