en-us Loading the Dishwasher
Loading the Dishwasher
Loading the Dishwasher
Dishware material
Note: Before using your dishwasher for the first time,
check the information in this section. Some items are
not dishwasher-safe and should be hand washed; others
require special loading.
Glass and silverware damage
Glass type.
Type of dishwasher detergent.
Water temperature of the wash cycle.
Use only glasses and porcelain which
the manufacturer designates as dishwasher-safe.
Use a detergent which protects silverware.
Use less intensive wash cycles and take glass and
silverware out of the dishwasher as soon as possible
after the wash cycle ends.
Loading the racks
For best dishwashing results, observe the following
when loading the dishwasher:
Do not pre-wash items with loosely attached food
Remove all food particles, bones, toothpicks and
excessive grease.
Pre-treat items having burned-on, baked-on or
starchy soils.
Load dishes in the dishwasher racks so the insides
of bowls, pots and pans are facing the spray arms.
Avoid nesting and contact points between dishes.
Separate items of dissimilar metals. Use care to not
block movement of the spray arms.
Only wash household dishware and kitchenware
rated as dishwasher-safe.
Refer to the Dishware Materials section for more
information about dishware suitability.
NOTICE: To avoid dishwasher damage, do not load the
dishwasher with paper products, plastic bags, packing
materials or anything other than normal, dishwasher
safe dishware and kitchenware.
Aluminum Colored anodized aluminum may
fade over time. Minerals in your
water may cause the aluminum to
darken or spot. This can usually
be removed with a soap-filled
steel wool pad.
China, Crystal,
Some hand-painted utensils may
discolor, fade or spot. Hand wash
these utensils. Position fragile
glassware so that it will not topple
over or come in contact with other
utensils during the wash cycle.
Glass Milk glass may discolor or
become yellow.
Non-stick Coatings Apply a light coating of vegetable
oil to non-stick surfaces after
Plastics Make sure the plasticware is
Stainless Steel,
Sterling Silver and
Silver Plates
Load these so they do not come
in contact with other metals,
stainless steel dishwasher tank
walls or the inner door.
Acrylic Crazing or small cracks
throughout the acrylic, may occur.
Joined Pieces
Adhesives that join materials such
as plastic, wood, bone, steel,
copper, tin, etc. may loosen.
Handles may separate.
Iron Iron will rust. Hand wash and dry
Your dishwasher is intended for
use in cleaning ONLY standard
household dishware and
Pewter, Brass,
These items will tarnish. Hand
wash and dry immediately.
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