en-us Getting Started
The dishwasher has been preset with certain settings
for your convenience. You can change these factory
Change the setting as follows:
1. Open the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3. Press Info button ( 8 for 3 seconds until the
following text is indicated on the display window at
the top @:
Scroll with < >
Set with - +
Leave with t 3 sec.
4. Keep pressing button > )* until the required setting
is displayed.
5. Make the selection with setting buttons + - X.
6. Press and hold the Info button ( 8 for 3 seconds.
The chosen setting has now been stored.
You have the option of resetting all changed settings
back to the original factory settings.
Note: When you reset your dishwasher to the factory
settings, you are taken directly to the settings for
switching on the appliance for the first time.
Setting Factory setting Infotext
by pressing Info button (
Time setting 12:00 Set the current time.
Time format 24h 12h or 24h.
Time display Time Show end of wash cycle with display "Finish in" or "Finish at".
Language American English Language selection.
Water hardness °E 0 Setting water hardness. When using Multitabs, select the lowest
Rinse aid disp. Level 5 Amount of rinse aid affects drying. When using Multitabs, select
setting 0.
Sensor setting Standard Adjustment of soiling detection for optimum cleaning result.
Extra dry Off Improved drying for glasses and plasticware.
Eco forecast Off Show the water and energy consumption.
Auto Power Off Off Appliance automatically switches off at end of rinsing process.
Emotion Light * On Interior light.
Front display * On The front display can be selected.
Remaining time proj. * On While wash cycle is running, status information is projected onto
Infolight * On Light is projected to signal an active wash cycle.
Start wash cycle Auto 130-150° F When switching on, the last selected wash cycle appears.
Tone volume * Level 2 Volume of signal at end of wash cycle.
Button volume Level 2 Volume when using buttons.
Child-proof lock * Off Activated child-proof lock impedes opening of door.
Eco drying * On Door opens automatically at the end of the wash cycle.
Greeting On When switching on the appliance, the brand logo can be
Factory setting Reset Resetting to the factory setting.
* depending on the features of your dishwasher
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