A sound can be heard every time a button is actuated
if this function is activated in the sound menu during
the setup mode.
AOn/Off button ÿ
Serves to switch the whole appliance on and
BIce maker button ²
Serves to switch the ice maker on and off
(see chapter Ice maker).
CAlarm button ±
Used to switch off the warning signal, see
chapter “Alarm function”.
DFast cooling button ´
Switches fast cooling on and off (see chapter
Fast cooling).
EFast freezing button ³
Switches fast freezing on and off (see chapter
Fast freezing).
FDisplay panel
The temperatures in the refrigerator
compartment and in the freezer compartment
are shown in the display panel. Activated
special functions are shown via “symbol”.
The menus and setting options which are
available are represented on the display panel
in the setup mode, see chapter “Special
GSelection buttons ¾ ¿
The temperature setting is activated using
the selection buttons, see chapter “Setting
the temperature”.
For selecting a menu in the setup mode
(see chapter Special functions).
HSetting buttons +/–
The temperature can be changed using
the setting buttons (see chapter Setting
the temperature).
More settings can be selected in the setup
mode, see chapter Special functions.
Isetup button μ
This button starts and ends the setup mode.
If the setup mode is ended using the setup
button, the changes which have been made
are stored.
JHoliday button
Is used to switch vacation mode on and off
(see chapter Special functions, section
Vacation mode).
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