Children in the household
Keep children away from packaging and its parts.
Danger of suffocation from folding cartons
and cling wrap!
Do not allow children to play with the appliance!
If the appliance features a lock:
keep the key out of the reach of children!
General regulations
The appliance is suitable
for refrigerating and freezing food,
for making ice.
This appliance is intended for use in the home
and the home environment.
Information concerning disposal
*Disposal of packaging
The packaging protects your appliance from damage
during transit. All utilized materials are
environmentally safe and recyclable Please help us by
disposing the packaging in an environmentally friendly
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local
authority about current means of disposal.
* Disposal of your old appliance
Old appliances are not worthless rubbish! Valuable
raw materials can be reclaimed by recycling old
Redundant appliances
1. Pull out the mains plug.
2. Cut off the power cord and discard with
the mains plug.
3. Do not take out the trays and receptacles:
children are therefore prevented from climbing in!
4. Do not allow children to play with the appliance
once it has spent it´s useful life. Danger of
Refrigerators contain refrigerant and gases in
the insulation. Refrigerant and gases must be
disposed of professionally. Ensure that tubing of
the refrigerant circuit is not damaged prior to proper
Installing the appliance
Have a technician install and connect the appliance
according to the enclosed installation instructions.
Do not install this appliance:
in an environment with dripping water,
in rooms where there is a risk of frost.
The appliances are heavy and must be secured during
transportation and installation.
Because of the weight/dimensions of the appliance
and to minimise the risk of injuries and damage
to the appliance at least two persons are necessary
to set-up the appliance securely.
Installation location
A dry, well ventilated room is suitable as
an installation location. The installation location
should not be exposed to direct sunlight and not
placed near a heat source, e.g. a cooker, radiator, etc.
If installation next to a heat source is unavoidable, use
a suitable insulating plate or observe the following
minimum distances from the heat source:
To electric or gas cookers 11/4”(3cm).
To an oil or coal-fired cooker 1113/16”(30cm).
The floor of the installation location must not give
way; if required, reinforce floor.
The refrigeration unit is ventilated only via
the ventilation grille in the base. Never cover
the ventilation grille or place anything in front of it.
Otherwise the refrigeration unit must work harder,
increasing the power consumption.
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