,Safety and warning information
Safety and warning i nform ation. Definition
Before you switch ON the appliance
Please read the operating and installation instructions
carefully. They contain important information on how
to install, use and maintain the appliance.
The manufacturer is not liable if you fail to comply with
the instructions and warnings. Retain all documents
for subsequent use or for the next owner.
Technical safety
If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, customer service
or a similarly qualified person. Improper installations
and repairs may put the user at considerable risk.
Repairs may be performed by the manufacturer,
customer service or a similarly qualified person only.
Only original parts supplied by the manufacturer may
be used. The manufacturer guarantees that only these
parts satisfy the safety requirements.
A power cable extension may be purchased from
customer service only.
The appliance comes with a UL registered 3-wire
power cord.
Never sever or remove the third (earth) conductor
from the power cord.
The appliance requires a 3-pole socket. The socket
may be connected by an electrician only.
Where there is a 2-pole standard wall socket, it is the
personal responsibility and duty of the customer to
have this socket replaced with a correctly earthed 3-
pole wall socket. Do not use any adapter plugs.
Important information when using
the appliance
Never use electrical appliances inside
the appliance (e.g. heater, electric ice maker,
etc.). Risk of explosion!
Never use a steam cleaner to defrost or clean
the appliance! The steam may penetrate electrical
parts and cause a short-circuit. Risk of electric
Do not use pointed and sharp-edged implements
to remove frost or layers of ice. You could damage
the refrigerant tubes. Leaking refrigerant may
ignite or cause eye injuries.
Do not store products which contain flammable
propellants (e.g. spray cans) or explosive
substances in the appliance. Risk of explosion!
Do not stand on or lean heavily against base of
appliance, drawers or doors, etc
To clean the appliance, pull out the mains plug
or switch off the fuse! Do not pull out the mains
plug by tugging the cable.
Bottles which contain a high percentage of
alcohol must be sealed and stored in an upright
Keep plastic parts and the door seal free of oil
and grease. Otherwise, parts and door seal will
become porous.
Never cover or block the ventilation openings for
the appliance.
People (children incl.) who have limited physical,
sensory or mental abilities or inadequate
knowledge must not use this appliance unless
they are supervised or given meticulous
Do not store bottled or canned drinks (especially
carbonated drinks) in the freezer compartment.
Bottles and cans may explode!
Never put frozen food straight from the freezer
compartment into your mouth.
Risk of low-temperature burns!
Avoid prolonged touching of frozen food, ice
or the evaporator pipes, etc.
Risk of low-temperature burns!
This indicates that death or serious injury may
result due to non-observance of this warning.
This indicates that minor or moderately severe
injury may result due to non-observance of this
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