Customer service
Before you call customer service, see the chapter
entitled “Rectifying minor faults yourself”.
After checking according to the chapter entitled
“Rectifying minor faults yourself”, additional help can
be requested by calling the Gaggenau Customer
Interaction Center, 1-877-422-4436 (toll-free), from
anywhere in the USA.
In Canada contact your Gaggenau customer service
or call 1-877-422-4436.
Note down the following information about your
appliance so that you have it ready and can be better
assisted if you require help or customer service.
What this Warranty Covers & Who it Applies to: The
limited warranty provided by BSH Home Appliances in
this Statement of Limited Product Warranty applies
only to the Gaggenau appliance (“Product”) sold to
you, the first using purchaser, provided that the
Product was purchased: (1) for your normal,
household (non-commercial) use, and has in fact at all
times only been used for normal household purposes;
(2) new at retail (not a display, “as is”, or previously
returned model), and not for resale, or commercial
use; and (3) within the United States or Canada, and
has at all times remained within the country of original
purchase. The warranties stated herein apply only to
the first purchaser of the Product and are not
transferable. Gaggenau reserves the right to request
proof of purchase at the time any warranty claim is
submitted to confirm that the Product falls within the
scope of this limited product warranty.
Please make sure to return your registration card;
while not necessary to effectuate warranty coverage, it
is the best way for Gaggenau to notify you in the
unlikely event of a safety notice or product recall.
How Long the Warranty Lasts: Gaggenau warrants
that the Product is free from defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of one thousand eight
hundred twenty five (1,825) days (5 years) from the
date of purchase. The foregoing timeline begins to
run upon the date of purchase, and shall not be
stalled, tolled, extended, or suspended, for any reason
whatsoever. Repair/Replace as Your Exclusive
Remedy: During this warranty period, Gaggenau or
one of its authorized service providers will repair your
Product without charge to you (subject to certain
limitations stated herein) if your Product proves to
have been manufactured with a defect in materials or
workmanship. If a reasonable number of attempts to
repair the Product have been made without success,
then Gaggenau will replace your Product (upgraded
models may be available to you, in Gaggenau’s sole
discretion, for an additional charge). All removed
parts and components shall become the property of
Gaggenau at its sole option. All replaced and/or
repaired parts shall assume the identity of the original
part for purposes of this warranty and this warranty
shall not be extended with respect to such parts.
Dealer’s name:
Telephone number:
Purchase date:
Model number:
FD Nr.:
Serial number
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