3. Close the filter holder.
Light (LED)
Your appliance features a maintenance-free LED light.
These lights may be repaired by customer service
or authorized technicians only.
Tips for saving energy
Install the appliance in a dry, well ventilated room!
The appliance should not be installed in direct
sunlight or near a heat source (e.g. radiator,
If required, use an insulating plate.
Do not block the ventilation openings
in the appliance.
Allow warm food and drinks to cool down before
placing in the appliance.
Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator compartment
and use the low temperature of the frozen food
to cool refrigerated food.
Open the appliance as briefly as possible.
Ensure that the freezer compartment door is
always closed properly.
Operating noises
Quite normal noises
Motors are running (e.g. refrigeration units, fan).
Bubbling, humming or gurgling noises
Refrigerant is flowing through the tubing or water is
flowing into the ice maker.
Motor, switches or solenoid valves are switching On/
Ready ice cubes from the ice maker are falling into
the ice cube container.
Preventing noises
The appliance is not level
Please align the appliance with a spirit level. Use the
height-adjustable feet or place packing underneath
The appliance is not free-standing
Please move the appliance away from adjacent units
or appliances.
Containers or storage areas wobble or stick
Please check the removable parts and re-insert them
correctly, if required.
Bottles or receptacles are touching each other
Move the bottles or receptacles slightly away from
each other.
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