Cleaning the appliance
Never clean the appliance with a steam cleaner!
Do not use abrasive, chloride or acidic cleaning
agents or solvents.
Do not use scouring or abrasive sponges.
The metallic surfaces could corrode.
Never clean shelves and containers in
the dishwasher. The parts may become deformed!
Proceed as follows:
1. Before cleaning: Switch the appliance off.
2. Pull out mains plug or switch off fuse.
3. Take out the frozen food and store in a cool
location. Place the ice pack (if enclosed)
on the food.
4. Clean the appliance with a soft cloth, lukewarm
water and a little pH neutral washing-up liquid.
The rinsing water must not run into the light.
5. Wipe the door seal with clear water only and then
wipe dry thoroughly.
6. After cleaning reconnect and switch
the appliance back on.
7. Put the frozen food back in the freezer
Interior fittings
All variable parts of the appliance can be taken out for
cleaning (see chapter “Interior fittings”).
Cleaning the ice cube container
If ice cubes have not been dispensed for a prolonged
period, they will shrink, have a stale taste and stick
together. Therefore, the ice cube container should
be cleaned regularly.
A full ice cube container is heavy.
1. Remove the ice cube container.
2. Pull out the container, empty and clean with
lukewarm water.
3. Thoroughly dry the container to prevent new ice
cubes from sticking.
4. Insert the ice cube container.
Ice cube production continues.
If you experience unpleasant odors:
1. Switch the appliance off.
2. Take all food out of the appliance.
3. Clean interior (see chapter “Cleaning the
4. Clean all packages.
5. Seal strong smelling food in order to avoid odors
from forming.
6. Switch the appliance on again.
7. Store food in the appliance.
8. Check whether the formation of odors is still
occuring after 24 hours.
9. Change odor filter (see chapter “Exchange
the odor filter”).
Exchange the odor filter
Spare filters are available from your dealer.
1. Open the filter holder.
2. Remove the used odor filter and replace with
a new odor filter.
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