Water filter
Do not use the appliance in places where the water
quality is risky or not sufficiently known about without
suitable disinfection, before and after filtering.
A filter cartridge for filtering particles can be obtained
from customer service or a specialist dealer.
After installing a new filter, always discard the ice
produced within the first 24 hours after switching
on the ice maker.
If the ice has not been used for a prolonged
period, pour all ice cubes out of the container
and also discard the ice produced within the next
24 hours.
If the appliance or the ice has not been used
actively for several weeks or months or if the
ice cubes have an unpleasant taste or odor,
change the water filter.
Air trapped in the system may cause water to
escape and the filter cartridge to be ejected.
Caution when removing.
The filter must be changed at least every
After use, the water system is subject to low pressure.
Be careful when removing the filter!
Exchanging the filter cartridge
1. Turn the filter cap on the base of the appliance by
90–180° anti-clockwise.
2. Pull out the filter cartridge.
3. Take a new filter cartridge from the packet
and remove the protective cap.
4. Take the filter cap off of the used filter cartridge.
5. Place the filter cap on the fresh filter cartridge.
6. With the filter cap in a horizontal position, feed
the filter cartridge into the opening on
the appliance base as far as it will go.
7. Turn the filter cartridge 90–180° in a clockwise
8. Pour water out of the used filter cartridge. The
filter cartridge can be disposed of in
the household rubbish.
The appliance could be used without a water filter.
If you select this option, replace the water filter with
a particle cartridge. In this case the filter display can
be deactivated to prevent the filter change display. To
purchase a water filter replacement cartridge, contact
your local dealer or call 1-800-578-6890.
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