Fast freezing
Food should be frozen solid as quickly as possible
in order to retain vitamins, nutritional value,
appearance and flavor.
To prevent an undesirable temperature rise when
placing fresh food in the freezer compartment, switch
on fast freezing several hours beforehand. As a rule,
4–6 hours is adequate. 24 hours are necessary when
using the maximum freezer capacity fully.
After 2 days the temperature set before fast freezing
is automatically restored.
Switching on
Press fast freezing button ³.
The display panel indicates the symbol SUPER¾ and
the compartment for which the function was
switched on.
Switching off
Press fast freezing button ³.
Thawing frozen food
Depending on the type and application, select one of
the following options:
at room temperature,
in the refrigerator,
in an electric oven, with/without fan assisted hot-
in the microwave.
Do not refreeze thawing or thawed food. Only ready
meals (boiled or fried) may be refrozen.
No longer store the frozen produce for the max.
storage period.
Ice maker
The ice maker makes ice cubes.
The ice maker starts to make ice cubes as soon as
the appliance has reached the set temperature. If
the ice cube container is full, the ice maker
automatically switches off.
The ice maker can make approx. 160 ice cubes within
24 hours.
Do not place bottles or food in the cube container in
order to cool them quickly. The ice maker may block
and be damaged.
Switching on
If the ice maker is used for the first time and/or a long
period of not being used, do not use the ice which is
produced in the first day for hygiene reasons. Throw
the ice cubes away and clean the container!
1. Make sure that ice maker container is its place
and locked into position.
2. Press ice maker button ².
The symbol ICE is lit on the display panel.
Switching off
Before switching off the ice maker, it is most
important that you switch the water supply
to the appliance off for a few hours.
Press ice maker button ² .
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