Fast cooling
Fast cooling cools the refrigerator compartment
as cold as possible for approx. 6 hours. Then
the appliance automatically switches
to the temperature set prior to fast cooling mode.
Switch on fast cooling mode, e.g.:
Before placing large quantities of food in
the refrigerator compartment.
For fast cooling drinks.
Switching on
Press fast cooling button ´.
The display panel indicates the symbol SUPER¾ and
the compartment for which the function was
switched on.
Switching off
Press fast cooling button ´.
“Cool-fresh” container
The “cool-fresh” container has a temperature of
almost 32 °F. Ideal for storing fish, meat, sausage,
cheese and milk.
The temperature in the “cool-fresh” container can be
reduced slightly with the slide control.
We recommend the following controller position:
COLD: Meat, sausage and poultry
Freezer compartment
Do not store explosive substances in the appliance.
Risk of explosion!
Do not refreeze thawing or thawed food. Before
freezing the food, first boil or fry it. Never keep frozen
food longer than the maximum storage duration.
Using the freezer compartment
To store deep-frozen food.
To make ice cubes.
To freeze food.
Ensure that the freezer compartment door has been
closed properly. If the door is open, the frozen food
will thaw. The freezer compartment will become
covered in thick ice. Also: waste of energy due to high
power consumption!
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