Special accessories
You can order the following special accessories from
your specialist dealer:
Only use the accessories as specified. The
manufacturer accepts no liability if these accessories
are used incorrectly.
Before using for the first time
Here you will find everything you need to do before
using the microwave to prepare food for the first time.
First read the section on Safety information.
The appliance must be fully installed and connected to
the mains.
After connection to the mains, the "Initial settings" menu
appears in the display. You can now make settings for
your new appliance.
Time format
Date format
Temperature format
The "Initial settings" menu will appear only after the
appliance has been connected to a power supply
and switched on for the first time, or if the
appliance has not been connected to a power
supply for a number of days.
Once the appliance has been connected to a power
supply, the GAGGENAU logo will appear first for
approximately 30 seconds. The "Initial settings"
menu will then appear automatically.
You can change the settings at any time (see
section entitled 'Basic settings').
Setting the language
The preset language appears in the display.
1Turn the rotary selector to select the required
display language.
2Confirm with .
Note: If the language is changed, the system restarts.
This takes a few seconds.
Wire rack
For ovenware, cake tins, grilling
and frozen meals.
Note: You can pull the wire rack
two thirds of the way out without it
tipping. This allows meals to be
removed more easily.
Glass tray
For large roasts, moist cakes,
bakes and gratins. This can act as
a splash guard if you are grilling
meat directly on the wire rack. For
this, slide the glass tray in at
level 1.
The glass tray can also be used
as a standing surface during
microwave operation.
Glass rod
For heating liquids in narrow con-
tainers. It is used to prevent
delayed boiling. When heating
liquids, always place a glass rod/
spoon in the container.
BA 476 310 Handle, stainless steel for BM 450/451/
BA 476 330 Handle, aluminium for BM 450/451/454/
BA 478 310 Handle, stainless steel for BM 484/485
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