Colours and display
The different colours are used to guide the user in the
relevant setting situations.
The appearance of symbols, values and displays
changes depending on the situation.
Automatic door opening
The appliance door springs open when you touch the !
symbol and you can open it fully by using the recessed
handle on the side.
Automatic door opening does not work if the child lock
is activated or there is a power cut. You can open the
recessed handle on the side by hand.
Additional information (
By touching the ( symbol, you can call up additional
Before starting, you are shown information, for example,
on the type of heating which has been set. This allows
you to check if the current setting is suitable for your
During operation, you are shown information, for
example, on the elapsed and remaining time and/or on
the current cooking compartment temperature.
Note: Once the oven has heated up, slight deviations in
temperature are normal during continuous operation.
Cooling fan
Your appliance has a cooling fan. The cooling fan
switches on during operation. The hot air escapes
above the door.
The cooling fan continues to run for a certain time after
Do not cover the ventilation slots. Otherwise, the
appliance will overheat.
The appliance remains cool during microwave
operation. The cooling fan will still switch on. The
fan may run on even when microwave operation has
Condensation may appear on the door window,
interior walls and floor. This is normal and does not
adversely affect microwave operation. Wipe away
the condensation after cooking.
The accessories can be inserted into the appliance at
four different heights.
Note: Microwaveable ovenware can be placed on the
oven floor (level 0).
<Remove oven
;Add oven
=Call up microwave
:Remove microwave
9Add microwave
orange Initial settings
Main functions
blue Basic settings
white Values which can be set
Zoom Values and symbols that have just been
selected are displayed in an enlarged for-
Reduced display
After a short time, the display is reduced
and only the most important information is
displayed. This function is preset and can
be changed in the basic settings.
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