Environmental protection
Environmentally-friendly disposal
Dispose of packaging in an environmentally-friendly
Tips for saving energy
Only preheat the oven if this is specified in the
recipe or in the operating instructions table.
Use dark, black lacquered or enamelled baking tins
when baking. They absorb the heat particularly well.
It is best to bake several cakes one after the other.
The oven is still warm. This reduces the baking time
for the second cake.
For longer cooking times, you can switch the oven
off 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time
and use the residual heat to finish cooking.
Getting to know the appliance
Use this section to familiarise yourself with your new
appliance. The control panel and the individual
operating controls are explained. You will find
information on the cooking compartment and the
Display and operating controls
These instructions are valid for different versions of the
appliance. Depending on the appliance model,
individual details may differ.
All versions of the appliance are operated in an identical
Operating controls on the upper side of the
This appliance is labelled in accordance with
European Directive 2012/19/EU concerning
used electrical and electronic appliances (waste
electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE).
The guideline determines the framework for the
return and recycling of used appliances as
applicable throughout the EU.
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