The values in the table apply to food placed in a cold
Acrylamide in foodstuffs
Which foods are affected?
Acrylamide is mainly produced in grain and potato
products that are heated to high temperatures, such as
potato crisps, chips, toast, bread rolls, bread, fine
baked goods (biscuits, gingerbread, cookies).
Dish Accessories Level GrillQCooking time in minutes
Toast Wire rack 3 3 4-5
Beefburgers, x 12* Wire rack and glass tray 3+1 3 30-35
* Turn after ^ of the cooking time.
Tips for keeping acrylamide to a mini-
mum when preparing food
General Keep cooking times to a minimum. Cook
meals until they are golden brown, but not
too dark. Large, thick pieces of food con-
tain less acrylamide.
Baking With Hot air, max. 180 °C.
Biscuits Egg or egg yolk reduce the formation of
acrylamide. Spread out a single layer
evenly on the glass tray.
Oven chips Cook at least 400 g at once on a glass tray
so that the chips do not dry out.
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