Tips for roasting and grilling
Bakes, gratins
The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven.
Place the bake in microwaveable ovenware on the
cooking compartment floor.
Use large flat ovenware for bakes and gratins. Food
takes longer to cook in narrow, deep containers and
browns more on top.
Bakes and gratins should be left to cook in the oven for
a further 5 minutes after the oven has been switched
Frozen convenience products
Please observe the instructions on the packaging.
The values in the table apply to food placed in a cold
The table does not contain information for the weight of
the joint.
For small roasts, select a higher temperature and a shorter cooking
time. For larger roasts, select a lower temperature and a longer cooking
How to tell when the roast is ready. Use a meat thermometer (available from specialist shops) or carry out a
“spoon test”. Press down on the roast with a spoon. If it feels firm, it is
ready. If the spoon can be pressed in, it needs to be cooked for a little
The roast looks good but the juices are burnt. Next time, use a smaller roasting dish or add more liquid.
The roast looks good but the juices are too clear and
Next time, use a larger roasting dish and add less liquid.
The roast is not well-done enough. Cut the roast into slices. Prepare the gravy in the roasting dish and
place the slices of roast meat in the gravy. Finish cooking the meat
using the microwave only.
Dish Quantity Ovenware Level Microwave
in watts
time in
Type of
Temperature °C
Sweet bakes, e.g. quark bake
with fruit
Shallow dish
45 cm
0 180 W 25-35 Z130-150
Savoury bakes made from
cooked ingredients, e.g. pasta
Shallow dish
45 cm
0 600 W 20-30 Z160-190
Savoury bakes made from raw
ingredients, e.g. potato gratin
approx. 1100
Flat ovenproof
0 600 W 25-35 R170-180
Dish Ovenware Level Type of
Temperature °C Cooking time in
Strudel with fruit filling* Glass tray 2 H200-220 40-50
Chips Glass tray 2 R210-230 20-30
Pizza Wire rack 2 R180-200 10-20
Pizza baguette Wire rack 2 Z160-190 15-20
Croquettes Glass tray 2 R200-220 20-30
Rösti Glass tray 2 R200-220 20-30
* Preheat the oven for 5 minutes.
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