Roasting and grilling
Tables: The times given apply to food placed in a cold
The temperature and roasting time depend on the type
and amount of food being cooked. This is why
temperature ranges are given in the tables. Begin with
the lowest temperature and, if necessary, use a higher
setting the next time.
For more information, see the section entitled “Tips for
grilling and roasting” which follows the tables.
Ovenware: You may use any heatresistant ovenware
which is suitable for use in a microwave. Metal roasting
dishes are only suitable for roasting without the
microwave function.
The ovenware can become very hot. Use oven gloves to
take the ovenware out of the oven.
Place hot glass ovenware on a dry kitchen towel after
removal from the oven. The glass could crack if placed
on a cold or wet surface.
Tips for roasting: Use a deep roasting dish for roasting
meat and poultry.
Check that your ovenware fits in the cooking
compartment. It should not be too big.
Meat: Cover the base of the ovenware with a little liquid.
Add slightly more liquid for pot roasts. Turn pieces of
meat halfway through the cooking time. When the roast
is ready, turn off the oven and allow it to rest in the oven
for an additional 10 minutes. This allows better
distribution of the meat juices.
Tips for grilling: Always keep the oven door closed
when grilling and do not preheat.
As far as possible, the pieces of food you are grilling
should be of equal thickness. Steaks should be at least
2 to 3 cm thick. This will allow them to brown evenly and
remain succulent and juicy. Do not add salt to steaks
until they have been grilled.
Use grill tongs to turn the pieces of food you are
grilling. If you pierce the meat with a fork, the juices will
run out and the meat will become dry.
Dark meat, e.g. beef, browns more quickly than lighter-
coloured meat such as veal or pork. When grilling light-
coloured meat or fish, these often only brown slightly on
the surface, although they are cooked and juicy on the
The grill element switches off and on again
automatically. This is normal. The grill setting
determines how frequently this will happen.
Tips for braising: Use ovenware with a lid for braising
Add two to three tablespoons of liquid and a little lemon
juice or vinegar to the ovenware.
The cake has risen in the middle but is lower around the
Only grease the base of the springform cake tin. After baking, loosen
the cake carefully with a knife.
The cake is too dark. Select a lower temperature and bake the cake for a little longer.
The cake is too dry. When it is done, make small holes in the cake using a toothpick. Then
drizzle fruit juice or an alcoholic beverage over it. Next time, set the tem-
perature 10 degrees higher and reduce the baking time.
The bread or cake (e.g. cheesecake) looks good, but is
soggy on the inside (sticky, streaked with water).
Use slightly less fluid next time and bake for slightly longer at a lower
temperature. When baking cakes with a moist topping, bake the base
first, cover with almonds or bread crumbs and then add the topping.
Please follow the recipe and follow the baking times.
The cake cannot be turned out of the dish when it is
turned upside down.
After baking, allow the cake to cool for a further 5 to 10 minutes, then it
will be easier to turn out of the tin. If it still sticks, carefully ease it away
from the edge of the cake tin using a knife. Turn the cake tin upside
down again and cover it several times with a cold, wet cloth. Next time,
grease the tin well and sprinkle some bread crumbs into it.
You have measured the temperature of the oven using
your own meat thermometer and found there is a dis-
The oven temperature is measured by the manufacturer after a speci-
fied period of time using a test rack in the centre of the oven. Ovenware
and accessories affect the temperature measurement, so there will
always be some discrepancy when you measure the temperature your-
Sparks are generated between the tin and the wire rack. Check that the tin is clean on the outside. Move the tin to a different
position in the oven. If this does not help, continue baking without the
microwave function or use the glass tray as a surface to place items on.
The baking time will then be longer.
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