Technical data
This appliance corresponds to the standards EN 55011
and CISPR 11. It is a Group 2, Class B product.
Group 2 means that microwaves are produced for the
purpose of heating food. Class B states that the
appliance is suitable for private households.
Aftersales service
Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance
needs to be repaired. We will always find an appropriate
solution, also in order to avoid after-sales personnel
having to make unnecessary visits.
E number and FD number
When calling us, please give the full product number (E
no.) and the production number (FD no.) so that we can
provide you with the correct advice. The rating plate
bearing these numbers can be found when you open the
appliance door.
To save time, you can make a note of the number of your
appliance and the telephone number of the after-sales
service in the space below, should it be required.
Please note that a visit from an after-sales service
engineer is not free of charge, even during the warranty
Please find the contact data of all countries in the
enclosed customer service list.
To book an engineer visit and product advice
Trust the expertise of the manufacturer, and rest
assured that the repair will be carried out by trained
service technicians using original spare parts for your
domestic appliance.
Power supply 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum total connected load 3100 W
Microwave output setting 1000 W (IEC 60705)
Max. grill output power 2000 W
Hot air output power 1950 W
Microwave frequency 2450 MHz
Fuse 16 A
Dimensions (H/W/D)
appliance 455 x 590/752 x 582 mm
cooking compartment 236 x 445 x 348 mm
VDE approved yes
CE mark yes
E no. FD no.
After-sales service O
GB 0344 892 8988
Calls charged at local or mobile rate.
IE 01450 2655
0.03 € per minute at peak.
Off peak 0.0088 € per minute.
AU 1300 368 339
NZ 09 477 0492
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