Power cut
Your appliance can bridge a power cut of a few
seconds. Operation continues.
If the power cut was for a longer period and the
appliance was in operation, a message appears in the
display. Operation is interrupted.
Set the function selector to 0, then the appliance can be
operated again as usual.
Demo mode
The ° symbol appears on the display when the
appliance is in demo mode. The appliance will not heat
Briefly disconnect the appliance from the mains (switch
off the household fuse or the circuit breaker in the fuse
box). Then deactivate demo mode in the basic settings
within 3 minutes (see section entitled 'Basic settings').
Replacing the oven light bulb
It is possible to replace the oven light. Heat-resistant 60
W, 240 V halogen bulbs can be obtained from the after-
sales service or from a specialist retailer.
mRisk of electric shock!
When replacing the cooking compartment bulb, the
bulb socket contacts are live. Before replacing the bulb,
unplug the appliance from the mains or switch off the
circuit breaker in the fuse box.
Note: Always remove the new halogen bulb from the
packaging using a dry cloth. This increases the service
life of the bulb.
Note: You must remove the whole appliance in order to
replace the cooking compartment light. Follow the
installation instructions.
1Unplug the appliance from the mains or switch off
the circuit breaker in the fuse box.
2Open the appliance door.
Undo the securing screws on the right and left-hand
side of the oven. Follow the installation instructions.
3Carefully lift out the appliance.
4Undo the screw from the light cover on the outer
left-hand side wall and remove the cover. (Fig. A)
Pull out the halogen light. (Fig. B).
5Insert the new halogen bulb (Fig. C)
6Screw the lamp cover in place.
Reassemble the appliance in the reverse order.
7Switch the circuit breaker in the fuse box back on or
plug in the mains plug.
Replacing the glass cover
If the glass cover in the oven is damaged, it must be
replaced. You can obtain covers from the after-sales
service. Please supply your appliance's E number and
FD number.
Error message "Exxx" If an error message is displayed, turn the
function selector to 0; if the display goes
out, there was a non-recurring problem. If
the error occurs repeatedly or the display
remains on, please contact the after-sales
service and inform them of the error code.
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