Cleaning the glass cover
The glass cover for the oven light is located on the left
side wall inside the oven. Undo the screw from the
cover. Then you can clean the glass with detergent
mRisk of burns!
The glass cover for the oven light becomes hot. Always
wear heat-resistant gloves when handling the glass
Trouble shooting
Malfunctions often have simple explanations. Please
read the following notes before calling the after-sales
mRisk of electric shock!
Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs may only be
carried out by one of our trained after-sales engineers.
If the appliance is faulty, unplug the mains plug or
switch off the fuse in the fuse box. Contact the after-
sales service.
Very dirty cooking
compartment made
of stainless steel or
Oven cleaner gel (order number 463582
from the after-sales service or from
online shop).
Please note:
Must not come into contact with
seals on the door and light.
Maximum application time is
12 hours.
Do not use on warm surfaces.
Always rinse using water!
Observe the instructions on the
Glass cover for the
cooking compart-
ment light
Hot detergent solution: Clean with a
Door panels Glass cleaner: Clean with a dishcloth.
Do not use a glass scraper.
Area Cleaning agents
Door seal Do not
Hot detergent solution: Clean with a
dishcloth, do not scrub. Do not use a
metal or glass scraper for cleaning.
Accessories Hot detergent solution: Soak and then
clean with a dishcloth or a brush.
Area Cleaning agents
Disruption Possible cause Solution
Appliance not working, no display Plug not inserted Connect the appliance to the electricity
Power failure Check whether other kitchen appliances
are working
Fuse defective Check in the fuse box whether the fuse for
the appliance is in working order
Operating error Switch off the fuse for the appliance in the
fuse box and switch it on again after about
60 seconds
Appliance cannot be started Appliance door is not quite closed Close appliance door
The food takes longer than usual to heat
The microwave output setting is too low Select a higher power setting
A larger amount than usual has been
placed in the appliance
Double the amount = almost double the
The food was colder than usual Stir or turn the food during cooking
The appliance is not working and the dis-
play does not respond. 0 appears on the
Childproof lock activated Deactivate the childproof lock (see sec-
tion entitled 'Childproof lock')
Appliance does not heat up, ° appears
in the display
Appliance is in demo mode Deactivate the demo mode in the basic
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