Display Reduced*/Standard If the 'Reduced' setting has been selected,
only the most important information will be
shown on the display after a short time.
Touch field colour Grey* / White Selects the colour of the symbols on the
touch fields
Touch field tone Tone 1* / Tone 2 / Off Selects an audible signal for when a touch
field is touched
Touch field tone volume Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5*, 6, 7, 8 Sets the volume of the touch field tone
Signal volume Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5*, 6, 7, 8 Sets the volume of the audible signal
Heating-up time/audi-
ble signal
Heating up with audible signal*
Rapid heat-up with audible signal
Heating up without audible signal
Rapid heat-up without audible signal
With the heating-up function, the audible sig-
nal sounds when the desired temperature is
reached. With the "Rapid heat-up" function,
the desired temperature is reached particu-
larly quickly.
Time format AM/PM / 24 h* Display the clock in 24 or 12hour format
Time Current time Setting the clock
Clock change Manual* / Automatic Automatically changes the clock to daylight-
savings time. If automatic: Setting the month,
day and week for when the time should be
changed over. To be set for both summer and
winter time.
Date format D.M.Y*
Sets the date format
Date Current date Sets the date. You can switch between year/
month/day using the symbol C.
Temperature format °C* / °F Sets the temperature unit
Language German* / French / Italian / Spanish /
Portuguese / Dutch / Danish / Swedish /
Norwegian / Finnish / Greek / Turkish /
Russian / Polish / Czech / Slovenian /
Slovakian / Arabic / Hebrew / Japanese /
Korean / Thai / Chinese / English US /
Select language for text display
Note: If the language is changed, the system
restarts. This takes a few seconds.
The basic settings menu is also closed.
Factory settings Restore appliance to factory settings Confirm the question "Delete all individual
settings made and reset to factory settings?"
by pressing or cancel by pressing '.
Note: Individual recipes will also be deleted if
the appliance is restored to factory settings.
After restoring factory settings, the "Initial set-
tings" menu is displayed.
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