Starting the stopwatch
1 Call up the "Timer" menu.
2 Touch C to select the p "Stopwatch" function.
3 Press I to start.
The "Timer" menu is closed and the time starts counting
down. The p symbol and the elapsed time are shown in
the display.
Pausing and restarting the stopwatch
1 Call up the "Timer" menu.
2 Touch C to select the p "Stopwatch" function.
3 Touch the H symbol.
The time stops. The symbol changes to I "Start".
4Press I to start.
The time continues to run. When 90 minutes is reached,
the display pulsates and a signal sounds. The signal
stops when you touch the symbol. The p symbol in
the display goes out. The process has finished.
To switch off the stopwatch:
Call up the "Timer" menu. Touch C to select the p
"Stopwatch" function and touch the Ž symbol.
Long-term timer
With this function, the appliance maintains a
temperature of 85 °C with the "Hot air" heating
You can keep food warm for up to 74 hours without
having to switch the appliance on or off.
Bear in mind that food which spoils easily should not be
left in the oven for too long.
You must set the long-term timer to "available" in the
basic settings (refer to the Basic settings section).
The long-term timer cannot be selected if the timer
or the stopwatch are activated.
Setting the long-term timer
1Set the function selector to ž.
2Touch the / symbol.
The default value 24 hrs at 85 °C appears in the
3Touch the $ symbol.
4Set the desired cooking time 6 using the rotary
5Confirm with .
6Press I to start.
The appliance starts. / and the temperature appear in
the display.
The oven and display lighting are switched off. The
control panel is locked; no key tone sounds when you
touch the touch keys.
Once the set time has elapsed, the appliance stops
heating. Turn the function selector to 0.
Switching off:
To end the process, turn the function selector to 0.
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