Deleting recipes
1Set the function selector to a desired type of
The i symbol is displayed.
2Touch the i symbol. Select "Individual recipes"
using the rotary selector.
3Confirm with .
4Use the rotary selector to select the desired recipe.
5Delete the recipe with Ž.
6Confirm with .
Timer functions
You use the timer menu to make the following settings:
ŠShort-term timer
p Stopwatch
Calling up the timer menu
The appliance must be on and the function selector
must be at 0 or ž.
Touch the M symbol.
The "Timer" menu is displayed.
If you turn the function selector to a heating
function or S "Basic settings" while the timer or the
stopwatch are running, a message will appear in the
display. Confirm the message by pressing the
symbol, and pause the timer or stopwatch. The
appliance is ready for operation.
To continue operating the timer or stopwatch, turn
the function selector back to the zero setting 0
or ž "Light".
The timer and the stopwatch can be operated at the
same time.
When the function selector is at the zero setting 0,
only the timer is displayed.
In the ž "Light" setting, the timer and stopwatch
are displayed.
The timer only runs if no other function is set. You can
enter a maximum of 90 minutes.
Setting the timer
1Call up timer menu.
The "Timer" Š function is displayed.
2Turn the rotary selector to set the required cooking
3Start with I.
The timer menu closes and the time begins to count
down. The Š symbol and the countdown appear in the
A signal sounds once the time has elapsed. Touch the
symbol to silence.
You can exit the timer menu at any time by touching the
' symbol. This erases the settings.
To stop the timer:
Call up timer menu. Touch C to select the "Timer" Š
function and touch the H symbol. To allow the timer to
continue counting down, touch the I symbol.
Switching off the timer early:
Call up timer menu. Touch C to select the "Timer" Š
function and touch the Ž symbol.
The stopwatch only runs if no other function is set.
The stopwatch counts from 0 seconds up to 90 minutes.
It also has a pause function, which enables you to
temporarily stop the clock.
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