Touch * to view tips on ovenware, accessories and
shelf position. Exit this display using the symbol.
Use ( to view notes on preparation. The ) symbol
appears for important information and indicates that an
action is required. Exit this display using the symbol.
For some dishes, the display provides instructions for
turning or stirring during preparation. Follow the
information provided. Opening the appliance door
pauses the operation. After closing the appliance door,
continue the operation by pressing I . If you do not turn
or stir the dish, the programme runs as normal until it
reaches the end.
The operation can be paused using the H symbol. Use
the I symbol to continue.
Switching off:
To stop the operation and cancel the settings, turn the
function selector to 0.
Individual adjustment
If the cooking result of a programme does not meet your
expectations, you can make individual adjustments
before the programme starts. Enter the settings as
described in steps 1 to 4.
1Use % to select the individual settings.
2Use C to select the o "Cooking result" function.
3Set the cooking result using the rotary selector.
Anti-clockwise = cooking result less well done.
Clockwise = cooking result more well done.
4Confirm with .
The display switches to the programme. The
cooking time is changed accordingly.
5Press I to start.
Operation starts. The cooking time starts counting
down in the display.
Note: This change always applies only to the current
programme sequence. When called up the next time, the
original automatic programme values will apply.
Instructions for automatic
Place the food in the cold oven.
Take the food out of its packaging and weigh it. If it is
not possible to enter the exact weight, you should round
it up or down.
When cooking with the automatic programmes, always
use microwave-safe, heat-resistant ovenware such as
glass or ceramic. Observe the accessories tips in the
programme table.
A table of suitable types of food with appropriate weight
ranges and the accessories required can be found in
the section after the tips.
It is not possible to set a weight outside the weight
With many dishes, a signal sounds after a certain time.
Turn or stir the food.
As far as possible, freeze and store food flat and in
portion-sized quantities at -18 °C.
Place the frozen food on a flat ovenproof dish,
e.g. a glass or porcelain plate.
After defrosting, allow the food to defrost for a
further 15 to 90 minutes until it reaches an even
Liquid will be produced when defrosting meat or
poultry. Drain off this liquid when turning meat and
poultry and under no circumstances use it for other
purposes or allow it to come into contact with other
Only defrost bread and bread rolls in the required
amounts, as they quickly dry and harden.
Place frozen bread rolls in the oven. Only fully
baked bread rolls are suitable.
After turning, remove any minced meat that has
already defrosted.
Whole poultry should be placed in the ovenware
skin-side down.
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