6Use C to select the third phase.
7Select the required microwave output or oven
heating function using the function selector. Set the
cooking time, temperature or grill setting using the
rotary selector.
8Use C to select the 6 "Cooking time" function.
9Set the required cooking time using the rotary
10 Press to confirm.
The main menu for the sequential operation is
displayed. The settings for each phase are shown in
the display.
11 Press I to start.
The operation begins. The cooking time starts
counting down.
Once the cooking time has elapsed, the appliance
switches off. An audible signal sounds. The signal stops
early if you touch the symbol, open the appliance
door, or set the function selector to 0. The sequential
operation has finished.
Changing the settings of the current phase:
Touch the H symbol. The operation stops. Touch the h
symbol and change the settings. Use the symbol to
exit the menu. Press I to start.
Deleting the settings:
Touch the ' symbol.
The operation can be paused using the H symbol. Use
the I symbol to continue.
Switching off:
To stop the operation and cancel the settings, turn the
function selector to 0.
The sequential operation can be supplemented with
the combination mode.
The 1000-watt microwave output setting can only be
selected once.
The oven heating functions cannot be combined
with the 1000-watt microwave output setting.
The order of each setting is entirely up to you. You
can start with the cooking time, microwave output
or oven heating function.
If you open the appliance door during cooking, the
fan may continue to run.
End of cooking time
In oven mode, you can delay the cooking-time end to a
later time. This function is not available in conjunction
with the microwave oven.
For example: It is 14:00. The dish requires a cooking
time of 40 minutes. You want it to be ready at 15:30.
Enter the cooking time and delay the cooking-time end
until 15:30. The electronics system calculates the start
time. The appliance starts automatically at 14:50 and
switches off at 15:30.
Bear in mind that food which spoils easily should not be
left in the oven for too long.
Delaying the cooking-time end
You have set the heating function, temperature and
cooking time.
1Use C to select the 5 "Cooking-time end"
2Set the required cooking-time end using the rotary
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