In oven mode, you can select from the following types of
Setting the heating function and
1Use the function selector to set the required
heating function, e.g. "Hot air".
The H symbol for "Hot air" and the default
temperature 180 °C appear in the display.
2Set the temperature using the rotary selector.
Note: If required, you can now set the cooking time
for your dish and delay the cooking-time end to a
later time. Touch the h symbol; the sequential
operation menu is displayed. Use C to select and
set the 6 "Cooking time" function. Use C to select
and set the 5 "Cooking-time end" function.
You can find more detailed information on this in
the Sequential operation section.
3Press I to start.
The heat-up symbol appears in the display (only after
the oven temperature has been set to 100 °C). The bars
continuously display the heating status. When the set
temperature has been reached, a signal sounds and the
heat-up symbol goes out.
If the "Rapid heating" function is activated, the
symbol for "Rapid heating" appears.
Note: You can activate or deactivate a heat-up signal in
the basic settings. This signal sounds when the required
temperature is reached.
You can change the temperature at any time using the
rotary selector.
You can change the heating function at any time using
the function selector. Press I to restart.
The operation can be paused using the H symbol. Use
the I symbol to continue.
Switching off:
To stop the operation and cancel the settings, turn the
function selector to 0.
Calling up the current temperature:
Touch the ( symbol to display the current oven
temperature for several seconds (from 100 °C). Use the
symbol to return to the standard display.
Note: During continuous operation after heating up,
slight deviations in temperature are normal, depending
on the heating function.
Rapid heating
The "Rapid heating" function brings your appliance to
the desired temperature quickly.
To ensure an even cooking result, only put your food in
the cooking compartment when the "rapid heating"
phase is complete.
You must activate the "Rapid heating" function in the
basic settings (refer to the Basic settings section).
Safety shut-off
For your protection, the appliance is equipped with an
automatic safety shut-off. Any heating process is
switched off after 12 hours if the oven is not operated in
this time. A message appears in the display.
The long-term timer has been programmed.
Set the function selector to 0, then the appliance can be
operated again as usual.
Type of heating Temperature Use
HHot air 40 °C Proving yeast dough,
defrosting cream cakes
100-250 °C Baking cakes, small
baked products and
pizza on the glass tray
RFull surface
grill + hot air
100-250 °C Roasting pieces of meat
ZFull surface
grill + circu-
lated air
100-250 °C For bakes, toppings and
whole poultry
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