Microwaves are converted to heat in foodstuffs. The
microwave can be used solo, i.e. on its own, or in
combination with a different type of heating.
Note: In the Tables and tips section, you will find examples
for defrosting, heating and cooking with the microwave
Notes regarding ovenware
Suitable dishes are heat-resistant ovenware made of
glass, glass ceramic, porcelain, ceramic or heat-
resistant plastic. These materials allow microwaves to
pass through. You can also use serving dishes. This
saves you having to transfer food from one dish to
another. You should only use ovenware with decorative
gold or silver trim if the manufacturer guarantees that
they are suitable for use in microwaves.
Metal ovenware is unsuitable. Metal reflects
microwaves. Food in covered metal containers will
remain cold.
Metal e.g. a spoon in a glass must be kept at least 2
cm from the oven walls and the inside of the door.
Sparks could irreparably damage the glass on the inside
of the door.
Ovenware test: Do not switch on the microwave unless
there is food inside. The following ovenware test is the
only exception to this rule. Perform the following test if
you are unsure whether your ovenware is suitable for
use in the microwave: Heat the empty ovenware at
maximum power for between 30 and 60 seconds. Check
the temperature of the ovenware during this period. The
ovenware should still be cold or warm to the touch. The
ovenware is unsuitable if it becomes hot or sparks are
Microwave power setting
The microwave power settings do not always
correspond to the exact wattage that the appliance
You can select the following microwave power settings:
Note: The microwave output can be set to 1000 watts
for a maximum of 30 minutes. A duration of 90 minutes
is possible with all other output settings.
The maximum setting is for heating liquids. After a
certain period, the microwave's power output is reduced
to below maximum to protect the appliance.After a
cooling period, the microwave's full power will be
available once more.
Setting the microwave
1Set the required microwave output setting using the
function selector.
2Set the cooking time using the rotary selector.
3Press I to start.
The operation begins. The cooking time starts counting
An audible signal sounds once the cooking time has
elapsed. The signal stops early if you touch the
symbol, open the appliance door, or set the function
selector to 0. The microwave operation has finished.
If you open the oven door during operation, the
microwave operation is paused. After closing the door,
touch the I symbol. The operation continues.
You can change the cooking time at any time using the
rotary selector.
You can change the output at any time using the
function selector. Press I to restart.
You can call up the elapsed cooking time using the (
symbol. Touch the symbol to return to the standard
The operation can be paused using the H symbol. Use
the I symbol to continue.
Switching off:
To stop the operation and cancel the settings, turn the
function selector to 0.
Note: It is normal for the fan to continue operating even
when the door is open.
90 W For defrosting delicate foods
180 W For defrosting and continued cooking
360 W For cooking meat and heating delicate
600 W For heating and cooking food
1,000 W For heating liquids
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