Heating up the oven
Ensure that no packaging remnants have been left in the
cooking compartment.
To remove the new cooker smell, heat up the oven when
it is empty and closed. One hour with R Full surface
grill + Hot air at 200 °C is ideal. For instructions on how
to set this type of heating, refer to the Oven section.
Cleaning accessories
Before using the accessories for the first time, clean
them thoroughly using hot detergent solution and a soft
Activating the appliance
The appliance goes into standby mode if no function
has been set or the child lock is activated.
The brightness of the control panel is dimmed in
standby mode.
Different displays are available for standby mode.
The default setting is the GAGGENAU logo and the
clock. To change the display, refer to the Basic
settings section.
The brightness of the display depends on the
vertical viewing angle. You can adjust the display
using the "Brightness" setting in the basic settings.
Activating the appliance
To exit standby mode, you can either
Turn the function selector,
Touch a control panel,
Open or close the door.
You can now set the desired function. You can read
about how to set functions in the respective chapters.
When "Standby screen = off" is selected in the
basic settings, you must turn the function selector
to exit standby mode.
The appliance returns to the standby screen if you
have not made any settings for a long time after
When the door is open, the interior lighting
switches off after a short time.
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