Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
For natural colors, choose a setting that matches
the light source (for an explanation of “white
balance,” see the Glossary on page 107).
If 4 does not produce the desired result (for
example, when taking a close-up), choose the
option that matches the light source, or use
custom white balance (pg.70). Once custom
white balance is set, the setting remains (unless
changed), regardless of if the battery is removed
from the camera.
This option is available in M and F modes only.
At settings other than Q, auto white balance is used
with the flash. Turn the flash off (pg. 26) to take
pictures at other settings.
The effects of custom white balance can not be
previewed in the monitor.
• Results vary with shooting conditions. Play pictures
back after shooting to check colors in the monitor.
Option Displayed in
4White balance adjusted automatically.
QMeasure a value for white balance.
pFor subjects in direct sunlight.
qFor subjects in the shade.
sUse under “daylight” fluorescent lights.
tUse under “warm white” fluorescent lights.
uUse under “cool white” fluorescent lights.
rUse under incandescent lighting.
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