Viewing Pictures on TV
Connect the camera to a TV and tune the television to the video channel to show pictures and slide
shows (pg. 75) to a group. The supplied A/V cable connects as shown below.
Press D for about a second to turn the camera on. The camera monitor turns off and pictures, voice
memos, and movies are played back on the TV. Note that the camera volume controls have no effect
on sounds played on the TV; use the television volume controls to adjust the volume.
Use an optional AC-5VX AC adapter and CP-50 DC coupler to power the camera for extended periods (pg. 94).
Image quality drops during movie playback.
When connecting the A/V cable, be sure the connectors are fully inserted.
Insert into A/V
cable connector
Connect yellow plug to
video-in jack
Connect white plug to
audio-in jack
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