Shooting Mode
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2 Frame the picture.
The camera analyzes a
subject based on
scene recognition,
then an icon appears in
the bottom left of the
monitor (The
illustration shows when the camera
analyzed subject(s) in portrait.).
B Intelligent Face Detection is turned on
The camera continuously adjusts focus on a face, or
the center area of the monitor.
Continuous auto focus will be audible and will
increase battery drain.
Macro mode is set when is set.
A NATURAL & K (Dual Shot Mode)
This mode helps ensure good results with backlit
subjects and in other situations with difficult
lighting. Each time the shutter button is pressed,
the camera takes two shots: one shot without the
flash to preserve natural lighting, followed
immediately by a second shot with the flash. Do
not move the camera until shooting is complete.
• Do not use where flash photography is prohibited.
The flash fires even in silent mode (pg.27).
Only available if memory remains for two pictures.
•The n ISO option in the v-MODE menu is fixed at
AUTO (pg. 64).
Continuous shooting is not available.
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